The late post comes from a perfect storm of events. However, this should not be an excuse and I will use it as a golden opportunity to regroup and refocus to make these posts and the website better. The late post mainly comes from the lack of Pokémon caught this week. I did not spend much time this week in Pokémon X which resulted in a low amount of Pokémon added to my PokeDex. Only 3 Pokémon were added to my PokeDex this week bringing the total to 169. Out of the three Pokémon only one was caught in the wild which was Watchdog. The other two Pokémon, Pidgeotto and Manaphy, were obtained through evolution and a mystery gift event. My Pidgey evolved into Pidegotto through level grinding through wild encounters and trainer battles. Manaphy is the legendary Pokémon of June through the monthly legendary giveaway for Pokémon’s 20 anniversary celebration. Now this is it for the Pokémon updates but there are still more updates about the website in general.

                Firstly, the videos that I have been writing about posting every week will now be pushed into monthly videos. This allows the videos to have more substance by summarizing a month’s worth of the PokeQuest than just a week by week rundown. Also I can spend time working on adding extra features to these videos that work better in a video than in a post. Which will allow me to give me time to write these posts and get them done in time instead of trying to do multiple things at once and then get nothing done as a result of trying of do too much.

                Finally, I am going to start doing a better job with the website and the posts. As I look back at my first too posts I see that I do not do a good job explaining some things that may not be common knowledge to those who do not follow Pokémon or video games closely. Every Pokémon that is used as a cover image will be one that is either new in the PokeDex that week or is related to the post in a significant way. All of these pictures are from and I going to try and use more pictures in future posts. I am also going to play around with the website to make it easier to use as I start working on more articles, videos, and feature. Hopefully I will use this experience to give me that extra push to have next week be my best. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.