The PokeQuest is back on track and has found a grove this past week. I added 15 new entries into my PokeDex. The Pokémon were Trevenant, Clauncher, Pawniard, Swoobat, Abomasnow, Nosepass, Linoone, Blaziken, Quilfish, Gyarados, Marowak, Golbat, Stunfisk, Relicanth, and Goomy. Swoobat, Abomasnow, Linoone, Blaziken, Gyarados, Marowak, and Golbat were all obtained through evolutions while the others were caught in the wild. Swoobat, this week’s cover Pokémon, was the hardest to evolve by far due to the fact that as a Woobat it needs its friendship to be high. Getting Woobat’s friendship high enough to evolve require me to use it as my first Pokémon in battle, leveling it up, and back-rubs. Now that I have gotten Woobat to a Swoobat through high friendship I currently in the same process with Golbat to get it to evolve into a Crobat. After that happens I will continue focusing on evolving Pokémon that require high friendship because it is so time consuming.

                Time also is leading me towards focusing on collecting as many exclusive Pokémon I can find. Not only will I be focusing on Pokémon X exclusives, but any Fire Red, Omega Ruby, and Heart Gold exclusives I can find in Pokémon X. This will let avoid buying those versions so I can focus on when replaying Leaf Green, Soul Silver, and Alpha Sapphire when I purchase it from the store. Besides focusing on those exclusives from those versions I will also try and pick as many Pokémon from Black and White as I can in X before I pick one or two of the four versions of that generation. Also the less Pokémon I have to worry about trading for the better because I know I don’t need to keep every Pokémon in order to complete the PokeQuest I want to keep as many as I can.

                Not only am I on a good track with 184 Pokémon in my PokeDex, but the website is looking a lot better. This Sunday I will be posting the first video and then everything will start to come together. This time next week Sun and Moon will be shown off at E3 so that will hopefully fuel me to go way past the 200 mark in the PokeDex. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.