Out of the 13 Pokémon caught this week only three were obtained through evolution. Gogoat was the easiest of the three to evolve from Skiddo because it only requires Skiddo to be at level 32. The other two Pokemon that were obtained through evolution, Bibarel and Goodra, took some work to obtain. First in order to obtain Bibarel I had to evolve Bidoof to level 15 which would not be a problem but I had traded Bidoof earlier in the game in order to obtain Chespin when I finishing the story of Pokémon X. Trying to finding Bidoof took longer than I expected because it shows up in the early areas of the game among a lot of other low level Pokémon. Finally, Goodra, the cover Pokémon for this week, took a little bit of time and special planning to obtain. This is due to Goodra evolving from Sliggoo at level 50 when it is raining outside and because it only rains on random days and only on the western part of the world. Nine of the ten other Pokemon I obtained were through cathching them in the wild but the last one, Wurmple, was obtained through multiple mystery trading.

                After I obtained Goodra I noticed that did not need an extra Goomy taking up a box slot in the PC that stores Pokémon. So I decided to put Goomy up for a mystery trade and I got a Karrablast. Now because I already had a Karrablast I decided to send the Karrablast I caught into the mystery trade and keep the Karrablast I had just received for one reason. If I have to mystery trade a Pokémon because I already have a duplicate, I rather give my duplicate to someone else because Pokémon to level up faster so someone can have a Pokémon that levels up faster. Also Karrablast only evolves when it is traded for a Shelmet which I will do by myself with two 3DSs and my copies of X and Alpha Sapphire. The Karrablast that mystery traded gave me a Wurmple, which I do not have, so I will keep it and evolve it into a Silcoon or a Cascoon.

                The other nine Pokémon that are obtained by catching them in the wild were Miltank, Chatot, Espurr, Sentret, Kecleon, Doduo, Plusle, Budew, and Oddish. Now before I wrap up this week’s post I have to bring up a potential problem that could come up next week. Usually I post these updates either on Wednesday or Thursday however I may not email access next week and I may not bring my computer. So next week’s post may not be up till next Friday or Saturday, but I should have a lot of newly obtained Pokémon to report on. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.