After a longer delay than usual PokeQuest has returned for this week. Two reasons for the longer than usual delay. First I unfortunately did not spend a lot of time playing Pokémon X on my week off so I decided to put some time in leveling up and catching new Pokémon. The other problem is that most of the Pokémon that I have caught and still need an evolution require levels above 35 and I usually catch them around level 25. So I had to grind and battle the same amount of high level random Pokémon to level them up. Out of the ten Pokémon that I caught this week 8 of them were obtained through evolution with seven of them needing to be above level 35.

                The 7 Pokemon that evolved over level 35 were Jellicent, Golurk, Pidgeot, Scrafty, Slowbro, Clawitzer, and Carraosta. Pidgeot evolved from Pidgetotto at level 36. While Slowbro, this week’s cover Pokémon, evolved from Slowpoke, Clawitzer evolved from Clauncher, and Carraosta evolved from Tirtouga at level 37. Then Scrafty evolved from Scraggy at level 39. There were two Pokemon that evolved in the 40s which were Jellicent evolved from Frillish at level 40 and Golurk evolved from Golett at level 43. The only Pokemon that evolved under level 35 was Furret at level 15. Now that only leaves two Pokémon that were not obtained through evolution. 

                Out of the two Pokémon that are left one was caught in the wild and the other one was obtained through mystery gift. Sudowoodo was caught in the wild and although it does not evolve, it can be breed into Bonsly while holding rock incense. The final Pokemon for this week was Shaymin which was obtained through the mystery gift for the month of July to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Pokémon. I will have a regular posting update this Wednesday. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.