Back on schedule this week as I have gained 12 new PokeDex entries for the eighth week of the PokeQuest. This brings my total up to 246 which is over 100 more than when I started. Although I am only at 34% if I keep this pace up I should be able to close the gap in the next couple of weeks. During the last week I caught 6 Pokémon in the wild and I evolved 6 Pokémon.

                For this week the ratio of Pokémon that I obtain by catching vs evolution was 1 to 1 which is a good ratio. This gives me a good way to cycle through new Pokémon while at the same time not getting bored grinding levels. The Pokémon that I caught were Mime Jr, Pinsir, Trapinch, Dugtrio, Gible, and Eevee. Out of all of the Pokémon I caught this week, only Pinsir does not evolve nor did it evolve from any other Pokémon. Mime Jr does evolve into Mr. Mime but I already have Mr. Mime so I can trade either one of them as I move forward. Dugtrio does come from Diglett but I could not find Diglett in the wild so I will have to breed Dugtrio in order to get a Diglett. Traping and Gible can both evolve into a Pokemon that can evolve again into another Pokémon. This leaves with Eevee which can evolve into eight different Pokémon which is why it is the cover Pokémon for this week.

                Now for the six Pokémon that I obtain through evolution all of them except for one evolved at a level above 30. The one Pokémon was Gabite which evolved from the recently caught Gible at level 24. Aramaldo was the highest level Pokémon which required Anorith to be at level 40 to evolve. Then there were the three Pokémon that evolved in the 30s. Doduo evolved at level 31 to become Dodrio, Spoink evolved at level 32 to become Grumpig, and Dwebble evolved into Crustle at level 34. Which rounds out the Pokemon I caught for this week.

                As I move forward I will slowly run out Pokémon to catch in Pokémon X in the wild. The main reason is that there will be some Pokémon that are exclusive to Y and legendary Pokémon that are only able to be caught in other Pokémon versions/generations. This will require me to go back and start playing previous generations as well as starting to breed Pokémon for trading or for previous evolutions that I did not obtain of that Pokémon. However, I will get more into that latter one as the weeks go by, and I will be discussing this more in my video for next week. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.