This week’s post is short and delayed for two main reasons. The delay comes from a loss in power to my house from a thunderstorm. Although power did come up latter in the night the storm still went on throughout the night and I did not want to risk the safety of my computer or myself if the power went out again. The post is short in length because of the Pokémon obtained this week all need to be evolved at level 30 or higher combined with a longer work schedule at my job did not leave me a lot of time for Pokémon this week. However, I did reach 250 Pokémon on my PokeDex with the four Pokémon I caught this week.

                All of the four Pokémon obtained this week were through evolving Pokémon at level 30 or higher. Half of the Pokémon that I obtained were in the level 30 range, first was Rampardos which evolved from Cranidos at level 30. The other Pokémon was Amoongus which evolved from Foongus at level 39. Next, the other half evolved at level 40 or higher with the first one was Skorupi evolving into Drapion at level 40. The last Pokémon was Rhydon which evolved from Rhyhorn at level 42.

Rhydon is the cover Pokémon this week because it was one of the Pokémon that I wanted to obtain when I played Pokémon Red but I never took the time. I am going to post a new video in the next few days due to the research involved is more complex than I thought. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.