This week I was able to obtain 13 new Pokémon. These Pokémon came from catching, evolving, and trading. Most of the Pokémon obtained were through evolution. However, I was able to obtain two Pokémon that would be hard for me to get otherwise through trading in the Global Trading System. I only caught one Pokémon in the wild, Goldeen, but I did catch another Eevee which will come in handy when I am trying to obtain all of possible Eevee evolutions. Just like the past few weeks most of the Pokémon I obtained were through leveling up Pokémon to evolve.

                Although most of the Pokémon I obtained through evolution this week, I have to talk about the two Pokémon I traded for first. The main reason is one of the Pokémon I traded for would latter evolve this week. That Pokémon would be Bulbasaur which I traded my Sudowoodo for. I found this trade and the other trade I made through the Global Trading System which lets people put Pokemon up for trade and lets them set what they want for it in return. I was searching the Global Trading System for a Skrelp which cannot be caught in Pokémon X. I saw someone asking a Haunter from level 21-30 for it so I decided to level up the Gastley I got in the wonder trade. Now when I got my Gastley to a Haunter to that level I double check the trade and found out that the person wanted a male Haunter and I had a female Haunter. So I decided to put my Haunter up for trade and see if anyone with a Skelp would trade for it, and someone did because when I went into the Global Trading System the next day I got a Skelp. The rest of the 10 Pokémon I obtained were through evolution.

                After I got a Bulbasaur I got it to level 16 and it became it Ivysaur. Two other Pokémon that were obtained at low levels were Silcoon which evolved Wurmple at level 7 and then the Silcoon evolved into a Beautifly at level 10. Then at level 24 Houndour evolved into Houndoom. Gulpin would evolve into Swalot at level 26. Both Stunky and Hippopotas would evolve at level 34 Stunky would evolve into Skuntank and Hippopotas would evolve into Hippowdon. Another Pokemon that would evolve in 30 level range was Solosis which evolve into Duosion at level 32. Then Duosion would evolve at level 41 into Reuniclus. Finally, the cover Pokémon for this post, Garchomp evolved from Gabite at level 48.

                As of now I have over two generations of Pokémon at 263. Although I still have more Pokémon to obtain I am now starting to move away from just catching Pokémon in X. As shown in the video I just posted I am going to pick up Pokémon Black soon which will give me a way to catch the legendary and exclusive Pokémon in Black that I cannot get anywhere else. Although there may be some Pokémon that I might have to trade for, most of them will be available for me to catch in a game that I own. Also with the completion of my second video I am going to start working on more Pokémon videos to go with these posts as well as improving their quality. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.