In this monster week I obtained 25 Pokémon. Most of these Pokémon were through and evolution of some kind, but I did catch five Pokémon in the wild as well trade for one Pokémon in the game. The five Pokémon I caught were Kangaskhan, Carnivine, Druddigon, Murkrow, and Venipede. In the game I traded an extra Luvdisc I obtain through a Wonder Trade with an extra Tirtouga to a NPC in the game for at Steelix. Steelix will also this week’s cover Pokémon. However, like last week, most of the Pokemon I gained were through evolutions.

                There were a lot of Pokémon that were obtain this week through evolutions, so I am going to separate them by level only evolutions and evolutions that needed to fulfill certain conditions. In the level 20 range Venipede evolved into Whirlipede at level 22, Espurr evolved into Meostic at level 25, and Drifloon evolved into Drifblim at level 28. Five Pokemon evolved in the 30s with Whirlipede evolving at level 30, both Horsea into Seadra and Ivysaur into Venusaur at level 32, Gooldeen evolving into Seaking at level 33, Trapinch evolving at level 35 into Vibrava, and Croagunk into Toxicroak at level 37. Vibrava would latter evolve into Flygon at level 45. The other Pokémon that evolved in the 40s was Skrelp at level 48 that evolved into Dragalge. Finally, there were two Pokémon that had to be in the 50s to evolve with Mienfoo at level 50 evolving into Mienshao and Pawniard at level 52 evolving into Bisharp. Those are just the Pokémon that evolved by reaching a certain level.

                Six Pokémon that were obtained need certain conditions to be met in order for them to evolve. Two Pokemon needed to be female two evolve, two needed high friendship, one needed a dark Pokemon in the party, and another one needed to evolve near a moss rock. The two Pokemon that needed to be female were Combee and Burmy. They would also need to be different levels with Combee evolving into Vespiquen at level 21 and Burmy needed to be level 20 to evolve into Wormadam. Both Chingling and Budew need high friendship, but they could only evolve at different times a day. Chingling could evolve into Chimecho only at night while Budew needed to evolve in the day time to become Roselia. Pancham needed a dark Pokemon in the party as well as be level 32 before becoming Pangoro. Then there was Eevee, which evolved into Leafeon while I was leveling up other Pokémon near a moss rock.

                This could very well be my last big week for a while. The main reason being that I have pretty much ran out of Pokémon to evolve and I keep on see the same Pokémon in the wild. Now I do have some breeding and trading to do, but I also have to start working on catching Pokémon in the versions that I have. Now in order to keep these posts about my Pokémon X progress I am going to a spin off series titled PokeQuest: Time Machine. I will help separate what I am doing in X along with compacting posts about multiple games into one article. It will come out the next day after the regular PokeQuest is posted with a short one coming tomorrow. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.