For the first post of PokeQuset: Time Machine I will be discussing the purpose of these posts and updating my time in the other Pokémon games I need to play to get all 721 on my Pokémon X cart. I will be catching these Pokémon on Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Diamond, and Black. For this post I caught one legendary and picked up a starter Pokémon.

In Pokémon Diamond I caught Azelf, which is one of the three lake guardian legendary Pokémon. The battle was long and it involved multiple Ultra Balls and Timer Balls, but I finally caught it in a Dusk Ball. It is only fitting that Azelf be the cover Pokémon for the first post in this new series. Now because I already have Uxie I only need Mesprit and I will have all of the three lake guardians. However, Mesprit is a roaming legendary so it will take some time to find and catch it.

                I decided to begin my journey in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire by choosing Mudkip as my starting Pokémon. In my original Sapphire cart on the Game Boy Advance I choose Torchic, but because I already received Torchic in a Pokémon X mystery gift event, and because I lost that game, I decided to go with Mudkip as my starter in this play through. Also I decided to download Shaymin on my Alpha Sapphire game even though I have it in Pokémon X. The main reason is if I need to trade a Shaymin for another Pokémon or I can use it to progress through the story I always have on in the game with me. I will be doing this practice for all of the online only give-a-ways while any giveaways that require a card I will only put those Pokémon on my X copy.

                Now because I have to split my extra time not spent in Pokémon X through four games, five once I get Pokémon Black, these posts will be short and sometimes irregular. They will fill in the gaps of how I got these Pokémon before they are transferred to X. These may not be weekly posts, but they will always accompany the regular weekly PokeQuest posts. Until next time, I am hopping back into the time machine for some more journeys.