For this week seven Pokémon were obtained. Four of the Pokémon were caught in the wild and three were evolved from another Pokémon. During this week, and going forward, I am going to catch the remaining Pokémon that I can find in the wild in Pokémon X. For this week the Pokémon I caught were Skarmory, Zeilous, Lombre, and Nincada. The Nincada that I caught will later be involved in an evolution that resulted in two Pokémon.

                Nincada evolves at level 20, but its evolution can create two Pokémon instead of the usual one. At level 20 Nincada will evolve into Ninjask. However, if you have an empty space in the party and a spare Poke Ball a Shedinja will appear in that empty slot after Nincada turns into Ninjask. Located inside the space Poke Ball. This is why Shedinja is the cover Pokémon for this week. There was another evolution which was Litleo turning into Pyroar at level 35.

                This week’s post is shorter because I am starting to run out of Pokémon to find in X. Now that does not mean I won’t catch anymore Pokémon in the wild. It just means that more of the Pokémon that I will get going forward will be harder to find or will be obtained in other ways. I can get Pokémon through eggs, trades, and transferring them from other games. Although I do not have a PokeQuest Time Machine post this week. Most of the Pokémon that will fill out the PokeDex will be from other games. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.