First off let me apologize about missing a post for last week. I had a crazy work schedule and did not find the time to put a post online for last week. This does not mean that I did not catch Pokémon and this is not a valid excuse. Since I only have about three months left till Sun and Moon comes out I have to step up my game. But I did cross a milestone this week after obtaining seven new Pokémon.

Most of the Pokémon I obtained last week were from catching them in the wild. Scyther, Wingull, Inkay, and Bergmite were all caught in the wild. Then, because it was already over level 37, Bergmite evolved into Avalugg after leveling up once. Which is why I choose Bergmite to the cover Pokémon for this post. While looking for other Pokémons, I found a fossil that was able to be turned into Lileep. Finally, I got my other Eevee to evolve into Sylveon by getting it to have two affection hearts in Pokémon Amie by petting it and having it learn a fairy move. Eevee does not learn a fairy move until level 29, and once Eevee learned that move it became Sylveon. These Pokémon pushed me over the 300 mark and I now have 301 Pokémon.

                I am going to post the updates for this week in the next few days. Also I will have another PokeQuest Time Machine in the next few days which will detail my progress over the past two weeks in the other games. By this time next week, the posts will be back on their regular schedule. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.