Almost back on schedule this week with me obtaining Pokémon in almost every way. I had Pokémon caught in the wild, evolved, and traded for. By obtaining 13 Pokémon this week I bring my completion percentage to 43.55% of total Pokémon obtained. This still is only counting Pokémon caught in X and not in any other version. Here are the Pokémon I obtained this week.

Out of the 13 Pokémon I obtained this week 6 of them were caught in the wild. Those Pokémon were Vanillite, Taillow, Absol, Meditite, Jynx, and Cubchoo. Cubchoo would then evolve into Beartric at level 37. There would five other Pokémon that would evolve this week. Wingull would evolve into Pelipper at level 25. Then Inkay would evolve into Malamar at level 30 however I had to hold the 3DS upside down in order for it to evolve. I was finally able to evolve Zweilous into Hydreigon by getting Zweilous to level 64. Any time a Pokémon takes until level 64 to evolve it usually becomes the cover Pokémon for a weekly post, and this time it does. There was one trade this week on the Global Trading System. I trade my Houndoom for a level 1 Amaura on the GTS. The Amaura had to level up to level 39 and level up at night in order for it to become a Aurorus. These 13 Pokémon takes my total to 314.

As of right now I still have some Pokémon that are hiding in X that I have not found. I also have yet to evolve a lot of Pokémon that I have that needed to be traded to evolve. In other news, I finally bought Pokémon Black and I will talk about that more on PokeQuest Time Machine. I hope to be back on schedule for a post on this Wednesday or Thursday. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.