The PokeQuest Time Machine is back to recap what I have been up to for the past couple weeks. I meant to post these update more frequently, but I have not been playing the older games that often. This is mainly due to all the Pokémon I have been catching and evolving in X. However, I have been making some progress.

                In Pokémon Soul Silver I now have four gym badges in Joto. I also played a lot of the Voltorb coin game and earned 2027 coins. I will use these coins latter in the game to exchange for rare Pokémon that are hard to find. I caught six Pokémon and they were Vulpix, Koffing, Meowth, Machop, Nidoran (m), and Nindoran (f). Mareep also evolved into a Flaaffy at level 15. I still have a way to go in Soul Silver, but I cannot move these Pokémon into X without a copy of a Gen 5 game which are Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.

                About two weeks ago I got a used copy of Pokémon Black in the mail. I thought it was going to be wiped before I got it but it was not. Instead it still had a save file with four Pokémon in the game. They were Dewott, Sandile, Pidove, and Pansear. I have decided to move these Pokémon into my Pokemon Bank account when I get one, even though I already have had a Sandile and a Pansear. The other two, Dewott and Pidove, are Pokémon that do not have and fine with keeping those Pokémon. Once I send them to the Pokémon Bank I will wipe the save and start a new file with my own Pokémon.

                As time goes on I will be posting more updates based on one reason. That reason is that I am running out of Pokémon to catch in X. The game’s 3 local PokeDexes combine for only 450 Pokémon; at 150 for each region’s PokeDex. This means I have to obtain 321 Pokémon in order to get all 721. So going forward I will be pushing through Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Diamond, and Black to get these remaining Pokémon. Until next time, I am hopping back into the time machine for some more journeys.