The post is up late again this week but good news I obtained 30 new Pokémon to take my total to 360. Almost every method to obtained a Pokémon was used this week. I evolved three Pokémon through evolution stones. They were Ludicolo from Lombre with a water stone, Vileplume from Gloom with a leaf stone, and Bellossom from another Gloom with a sun stone. Also I traded my Hippowdon for a Spritzee on the Global Trading System giving me another Pokémon Y exclusive Pokémon on X. The rest of the Pokémon obtained were through catching, evolving, and breeding.

Ten new Pokémon were caught this week. They were Slugma, Emolga, Corsola, Axew, Abra, Corphish, Noibat, Binacle, Whismur, and Piloswine. Axew evolved into Fraxure at level 38. Abra evolved into Kadabra at level 16. Corphish would evolve into Craurdaunt at level 30. Noibat would evolve into Noivern at level 48. Binacle would evolve into Barbacacle at level 39. Then Whismur first evolved into Loudred at level 20 only for Loudred to evolve into Exploud at level 40. I also caught another Eevee and Sudowoodo which would help me obtain two new Pokémon. Eevee would evolve into Glaceon while leveling up around an ice rock. I also got Frogadier from my Froakie I bred once it became level 16. The rest of the Pokémon obtained this week would be through breeding.

                The breeding partner for all of the following Pokémon is Ditto. Ditto is compatible with any Pokémon to breed a new Pokémon inside of an egg. Once the egg is hatched a new Pokémon is usually obtained. I obtained Phione from Manaphy, Swinub from Piloswine, Phantump from Trevenant, and Froakie from Greninja through regular breeding. There were three other Pokémon I obtained through breeding that need the parent, that is not Ditto, to hold an incense. I found this out the hard way when trying to get a Muchlax from a Snorlax. I finally did get a Muchlax, but because I had to really research breed makes Muchlax the cover Pokémon for this post. The other two Pokémon were Wynaut from Wobbuffet holding a lax incense and Bonlsy from Sudowoodo holding a rock incense.

                Going forward I will breeding more. I need to get the baby versions of some Pokémon I already have in the PokeDex to fill it out. Also since I now have all Generation 6 starter Pokémon I can now breed them to use to trade for other Generation starters, or for other hard to find Pokémon. In the future I be going back to the other games to limit the amount of trades I have to make. This means more PokeQuest Time Machine posts and hopefully video post too. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.