This week I finally passed the 400 mark for total Pokémon with a total of 411. I obtained 25 Pokémon this week through catching in the wild, evolving, and breeding. Now I have almost every Pokémon from Generation 6 and the Pokémon that I do not have I have the Pokémon that it evolves from. In the wild I caught Swablu, Trubbish, Electrode, Magneton, Cryogonal, Gligar, Floatzel, Sandslash, Hariyama, and Masquerain. A lot of the Pokémon that I caught I would latter breed to get their previous evolution.

                Eight Pokémon were hatched from eggs this week. There were four Pokémon that were breed from Pokémon caught this week and four from previous weeks. Voltorb came from Electrode. Makuhita came from Hariyama. Surskit came from Masquerain. Magnemite came from Magnezone which evolved from Magneton when Magneton was in an electric area. I really like Magnezone’s design which is why it is the cover Pokémon for this week’s post. From previous weeks, Denio came from Hydreigon. Teddiursa came from Ursaring. Wooper came from Quagsire. Gothita came from Gothitelle. Like Magnezone there were some Pokémon that evolved with certain conditions.

                Including Magnezone four of the seven evolutions this week came from Pokémon meeting certain conditions. Yanma evolved into Yanmega once it learned the move Ancient Power, which it learns at level 33. Floette evolved into Florges with a Shiny Stone. Eevee evolved into Espeon while having a high happiness during the daytime. There were three regular evolutions. Trubbish evolved into Grabodor at level 36. Swablu evolved into Altaria at level 35. Finally, Dragonair evolved into Dragonite at level 55. With 3 days and two months till the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon I still have some work to do.

                Starting this week, I have started to shift my focus from X to the other Pokémon games. There will be another Time Machine post tomorrow with a lot of progress to report on. Videos are going to be prepared at the same time and posted during the last couple weeks. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.