For this edition of the PokeQuest Time Machine I made progress in both Pokémon Diamond and Soul Silver. In both games I am trying to get to the point where I begin to transfer my Pokémon from those games to Pokémon Black. For both games I have to receive the National PokeDex. Each game has a different set of requirements. I did also catch and evolve some Pokémon in both games.

Pokémon Diamond

                In Diamond I am trying to level up my Pokémon to compete with the Elite 4. My current team of Pokémon are now high enough in level to finish the task. In my spare time I am looking for Mesprit which roams in the wild. I also have to find seven more Pokémon to fill out the regional PokeDex for Diamond. Six of those seven Pokémon are used by the Elite 4 so I do not have to worry about finding them in the wild. But I did catch Finneon which will evolve into Lumineon at level 31 because Lumineon the other Pokémon that need to fill out the regional PokeDex. Once I beat the Elite 4 and I have seen all seven Pokémon I will get the National PokeDex.

Pokémon Soul Silver

                Unlike in Diamond, Soul Silver only needs you to defeat the Elite 4 to receive the National PokeDex. Since the last post I have earned three gym badges in Joto and I am now up to seven badges. I am currently at the eighth gym but have to level up my Pokémon some more. I caught three Pokemon this week with two of the same Pokémon. I caught two Krabbys because I needed to have on learn Surf which is a HM. Pokémon with HM cannot be transferred to Pokémon Black so I caught another Krabby so it could go into Black. I also caught a red Gyarados because it looked cool and I will need a Pokemon to learn Water Fall. Although this means the red Gyarados will not be able to join my other Gyarados in Pokemon X because it knows a HM. There were two evolutions this week which were Flaaffy evolving into Ampharos at level 30 and Quilava evolving into Typholison at level 36. Typhlosion is my favorite final evolution of a starter Pokémon which make it the cover Pokémon for this post.

                Hopefully I will have more Time Machine posts as the weeks go on. Also I hope to report on more games than just Diamond and Soul Silver. Until next time, I am hopping back into the time machine for some more journeys.