For this post in the Time Machine I made big progress in Soul Silver as well as made a small dent in Diamond.

Soul Silver

                                In Soul Silver I collected all of the gym badges in Joto, beat the Elite 4, and beat the Pokémon champion. I now have access to the National PokeDex and Kanto. I caught two Pokémon, Seel and Lugia. Lugia is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is one of my favorite Legendary Pokémon and it was very hard to catch so I decided to use my Master Ball. Also Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto at level 18, and then evolved into Pidgeot at level 36. Although I will not need Pidgeot I will need it to be a strong member of my Pokémon rotation to progress through Kanto.


                                I have yet to beat the Elite 4 in Diamond. However, I made progress by evolving Finneon into Lumineon by getting it to level 31. Now the only Pokémon that I need to see in Diamond are the ones that I will see when I beat the Elite 4. That means I will get the National PokeDex once I beat the Elite 4 since I will have seen every Pokémon for the regional Diamond PokeDex.

                Most of my work going forward will be spent on Alpha Sapphire and Black. I need to push through the game to get to the Legendries that can be found in those games. Also I beat the Elite 4 in Diamond I will start to collect Pokémon in both Diamond and Soul Silver that I cannot find in X to transfer into Black to put in the Pokémon Bank. Once I get a Pokémon Bank account I can move them into X.