Apologies for another delay. I had a lot going on in with work and other things going on. However, I obtained Pokémon through trading, breeding, evolving, and of course catching in the wild. I am now at 453 Pokémon. Without any more delay here are the Pokémon I obtained this past week.

I had used some of the Pokémon that I had extra of, to Wonder Trade to try and get new Pokémon. First I sent a Cranidos and got an Oddish back, then I put the Oddish back in to get a Duskull. Next, I sent a Tirtouga in and got a Airmure, Airmure went back in and I got a Trapinch, Trapinch went back in and I got a Machamp. Finally, I put a Pichu in and got a Tropius. Then I went into the Global Trading Network to get some Pokémon to fill out my X game PokeDex and get some Pokémon that are hard to get.

                For the trades in the Global Trading Network I wanted to look for Pokémon that would fill in the X PokeDex as well as get some Pokémon that are usually hard to get in most games. To fill out my X PokeDex I traded Starly for Larvitar. Then I traded Aron for Electrike. Finally, I traded Smoochum for Charmander. Then there were two Pokemon that I decided to get now instead of looking for them in other games. I traded Yanmega for Porygon because Porygon is usually hard to get in other Pokémon games. Then I traded Skuntank for Spiritomb because Spiritomb can only be caught in Diamond but it requires online functionality with the Underground. Due to the nature of Diamond being almost 10 years old in North America and the DS online functionality being turned off I rather trade a Skuntank than going through a harder process. Now on to the regular methods of obtaining Pokémon.

                I caught four Pokémon in the wild this week. I caught Ariados, Ekans, Fearow, and Rotom. Rotom is the cover Pokémon for this week because it is only available inside trash cans in Lost Hotel on Tuesdays. While catching these Pokémon I hatched three eggs. Poochyena came from Mightyena. Timburr came from Gurdurr. Spinarak came from Ariados. Then there were some evolutions that occurred.

                This week four regular evolutions occurred and two special evolutions occurred. Duskull evolved into Duskull at level 37. Ekans evolved into Arbok at level 22. Charmander evolved into Charmeleon at level 16. Finally, Electrike evolved into Manectric at level 26. Then for the special evolutions both Sneasel and Gligar evolved from items held while evolving at night. Sneasel evolved into Weavile with a Razor Claw. While Gligar evolved into Gliscor with a Razor Fang.

                That is, it for the past week. I will have the next post up at a more regular schedule time. Now PokeQuest Time Machine for this week. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.