Although this is a short update for Pokémon Time Machine, I did make some key progress. I only made progress in Soul Silver, but I collected all 8 Kanto Gym Badges. I unlocked Mt. Silver which allows me to face Red and unlock some end game events. I caught two Pokémon, Kricketot and Snorlax. Kricketot will be the cover Pokémon since I already have a Snorlax in X. Also I was able to get Latios to become a roaming Legendary in Soul Silver. Latios is not available in Alpha Sapphire, but Latias is in Alpha Sapphire.

For the time being I have to focus on Pokémon Black and Alpha Sapphire. Black will allow me to collect Generation 5 Pokémon, which I have the most need of in X, and transfer Soul Silver and Diamond Pokémon into X. Alpha Sapphire will allow me to collect Pokémon that do not appear in X without have to trade for a lot of Pokémon on the Global Trading System. Until next time, I am hopping back into the time machine for some more journeys.