Due to more work and time conflicts I have another late post which will be short. I did obtain some key Pokémon, but I came up short with only 4 Pokémon. I will be focusing more time in the other Pokémon games to try and fill up the National PokeDex in X with about a month left till Sun and Moon.

                The cover Pokémon for this post, and the biggest Pokémon for this week, is Volcanion. Volcanion is the 721st Pokémon and was given away at GameStop with scratch-off cards. The cards contain a code to redeem this Mythical Pokémon. I hatched two eggs this week. Igglybuff came from Jigglypuff and Nidoran (Male) came from Nidorino. Then Tyranitar evolved from Pupitar at level 55. Although there are some Pokémon left to go there are not that many left to find in X without trading from other games.

                Along with posting this update I will posting a Time Machine post. This will be a regular thing because I will need to transfer as many as I can, but in order to do that I must make progress in Black and Alpha Sapphire. For Black I need to beat the Elite Four to transfer Pokémon from Diamond and Soul Silver. While Alpha Sapphire contains a lot of Legendary Pokémon that will a lot easier to catch than trading for. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.