First off, let me apologize for a month-long break that took place between posts. This was due to a combination of fatigue, work, and travel that pushed everything out of control. I do not have a lot of progress to report but I will be planning on continuing PokeQuest after the 18th. But first here some of the new Pokémon that I added to my Pokémon X game.

                I finally added Pokémon Bank to my 3DS and now I am starting to import Pokémon from Alpha Sapphire. Out of the four Pokémon that I brought in Kyogre is my favorite. This is the cover Pokémon for this week and it should be noted that I caught Kyogre in Alpha Sapphire without using a Master Ball. The other three Pokémon are Latias, Castform, and Tangela. I will discuss how I obtained these Pokémon in my PokeQuest Time Machine post tomorrow. Another bonus through Pokémon Bank was that I received Regirock, Regice, and Registeel for being a member in October. My final Pokémon progress will be combined on Friday, November 18th.

                The plan for the next few days is to post up some videos, Time Machine post, and a final update before getting Pokémon Moon on Friday. Since I did not obtain all 721 by the 18th I will be continuing PokeQuest in another form that will be finalized on Friday. Until Pokemon Moon comes out, the PokeQuest continues.