Now that I have had more time with Moon I have five more Pokémon in my PokeDex. This also goes with the two new Pokémon I obtained in Pokémon X. So far I like Pokémon Moon and I have received my first Z crystal in the game. These crystals are obtained by completing challenges given out in the game which are the replacement for the traditional Pokémon Gyms and Gym Leaders found in past six Pokémon generations.

                Although I obtained five Pokémon in Moon only one of them is a new Pokémon. The other four are old Pokémon from previous games. They are Gastly, Spearow, Meowth, and Rattata. Gastly and Spearow look the same as they do in any other Pokémon game, but Meowth and Rattata look different. Both Meowth and Rattata are in the Alola forms which are different from their looks in previous games. I decided to make Alola Rattata the cover Pokémon for this post because of its new look and the Pokémon involvement in the first challenge in the game. The new Pokémon I obtained was Torracat, which evolved from Litten at level 17.

In Pokémon X I obtained, through mystery gift, two of the three Mythical Pokémon from the previous six Pokémon Generations. These Pokémon were Meloetta and Arceus. Meloetta is the Mythical Pokémon for the month of December and the last in the Pokémon 20th anniversary Mythical giveaway. While Arceus was given away in August, it has been given away again until the end of the month. Now the only Mythical Pokémon that I still need is Diancie, which must wait until it is given away again.

Now that I am back on track with posts I am now ready to dig deep into Moon’s story and explore the Alola region. As for playing previous Pokémon games I am going to take a break from playing them now that I have most of the Mythical Pokémon. Also, the Pokémon Bank will not be updated until next year to allow Pokémon to be moved from X and Alpha Sapphire into Moon. So, for now I will catch as many old Pokémon as I can in Moon so I don’t have to worry about moving so many from game to another. Until next week, the PokeQuest continues.