This week nine Pokémon were obtained this week. Seven Pokémon were caught in the wild and two were obtained through evolution. I am still on the second island because I am trying to beat the Kahuna. Kahuna replaces the function of a Gym Leader in other Pokémon games. Beating the Kahuna allows me to move on to another island and to handle higher level Pokémon. However, that will hopefully happen next week, and let’s go into the Pokémon I obtained this week.

                I caught seven Pokémon in the wild. Six out of the seven Pokémon were from a previous game. They were Cubone, Luvdisc, Zubat, Chinchou, Magikarp, and Diglett. Diglett has an Alola form and normally it would be the cover Pokémon for this post. However, that honor goes to the Pokémon that is introduced in Pokémon Moon. That Pokémon is Stufful and it looks like a Peppermint crossed with a teddy bear. Then there the two Pokémon that were obtained through evolution.

                Both Pokémon that came from evolution are old Pokémon but they two of my favorites. First there was Haunter which evolved from Gastly at level 25. Then there was Snorlax which came from Munchlax when it levels up with high friendship. It is unusual that Munchlax was to obtain high friendship to evolve in a short period because I kept it at the middle of my party and I rarely used it in battle. I should see if other Pokémon that need high friendship will gain it as fast in Moon versus the time it took in X. But for now, I am off to train my party to beat the Kahuna of the second island and move on the third island. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.