For another week, I am stuck on Akala the second Island in Pokémon Moon. The Pokémon on my team are not very well match against Kahuna Olivia’s rock Pokémon. Therefore, I focused on catching Pokémon that were either water or grass type. Once I had caught a couple I like I began to level them up. While I was doing that, I had some opportunities to evolve and to catch Pokémon that had eluded me. Overall I obtained eight new Pokémon this week.

                Out of the eight new Pokémon that I obtained, six were caught in the wild. I caught Paras, Pinsir, Wingull, Comfey, Crabrawler, and Bounsweet. Paras, Pinsir, and Wingull are all Pokemon from previous games while Comfey, Crabrawler, and Bounsweet have been added with the release of Pokémon Moon. Bounsweet is my cover Pokémon for this post because it looks like it should be in a Pokémon Fruit Cake. Bounsweet would latter evolve into Steenee at level 18. Through leveling up Pokémon I caught a Pokémon that had been eluding me.

I caught another Salandit, but this one is a female. Only female Salandits can evolve and they are only a 15 percent chance of encountering one in the wild. Now that I had two Salandits I decided to put my male Salandit into Wonder trade. Through Wonder trade I obtained a Trapinch for the male Salandit. Although Trapinch is not a brand new Pokemon, it is one less Pokemon I will need to track down in the wild.

So, for right now I will be leveling up my Pokémon so they can defeat the Kahuna Olivia. I have also started to assign Z-Moves to some of the Pokémon in my team. This way I can defeat the Kahuna as fast as possible. While I am leveling up my Pokémon I will be trying to catch any new ones that I encounter. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.