Another late post, but this time I do not have a lot of progress to report. This time I only caught 3 Pokémon. I am going to keep this post short to give me time to go back into Moon and get back on track.

                Out of the three Pokémon obtained 2/3rd of them were caught in the wild. I caught Elekid and Geodude. Geodude was caught in its Aloha form. The one Pokémon that was not caught in the wild was Tsareena. Tsareena evolved from Steenee after it learned the move Stomp. Steenee learns stop at level 29 or latter. This is all for the Pokémon obtained.

                It was a hard decision to pick a cover Pokémon for this post. Normally I would either go with a Pokémon with an Aloha form or introduced in Moon/Sun. Instead of picking Geodude or Tsareena, I decided to go with Elekid. I really like Electabuzz, which is the parent form of Elekid, and don’t I remember obtaining an Elekid. That is my reasoning and apologies for this quick update. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.