This week I was able to obtain eleven new Pokémon into my Moon PokeDex. This brings my current total to 88. Currently I am still leveling up my Pokémon to defeat the Elite 4. Along the way, I was able to catch four Pokémon. They were Absol, Sneasel, Aloha version of Sandshrew, and Snorunt. Snorunt is the cover Pokémon for this post because it has two different evolutions depending on the gender. So, in order to obtain both evolutions I had to catch both a male and female Snorunt. While I was leveling up my current team I was able to evolve some Pokémon that I had caught earlier that had been in a PC box for a while.

                Out of the eleven Pokémon obtained this week, 7 of them were evolutions from other Pokémon. Magnemite evolved into Magneton at level 30. Lillipup evolved into Herdier at level 16. Diglett evolved into Dugtrio at level 26. Ledyba evolved into Ledian at level 18. Sufful evolved into Bewear at level 27. Cutiefly evolved into Ribombee at level 25. Then female Salandit evolved into Salazzle at level 33. Bewar, Ribombee, and Salazzle were the only new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Moon that were obtained this week.

                Besides leveling up Pokémon to challenge the Elite 4 I decided to update Pokémon Bank. It now can move Pokémon from X and Alpha Sapphire into Moon. This is a one-way trip, but it gives me options after I beat the Elite 4 on how I want to fill out the National PokeDex in Moon. Pokémon Bank also has the feature of showing the total number of Pokémon caught and seen into a National PokeDex for Pokémon Bank. Right now, I have caught 519 Pokémon and seen 606 Pokémon over X, Alpha Sapphire, and Moon. Out of the 801 total Pokémon available to be obtained I only have 282 Pokémon left to go until I caught them all. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.