This past week I was able to obtain Pokémon through catching in the wild, evolutions, breeding, and transferring through other games into Pokémon Moon. By transferring Pokémon, I can avoid the problems of Pokémon being version exclusive. However, that was a small part of how I obtained Pokémon this past week. With the main method being catching Pokémon in the wild and evolving them all within the game of Pokémon Moon.

First, I will start with the Pokémon from Moon that were obtained this past week. They were Bagon, Slowpoke, Dewpider, Staryu, Rockruff, and Abra. Out of those six Pokémon, four evolved. Dewpider evovled into Araquanid at level 22. Araquanid is the cover Pokémon this week because I really like the design of a bug that can walk on water. Staryu evolved into Starmie with a Water Stone. Rockruff evolved into Lycanroc at level 25 while at night. Abra evolved into Kadabra at level 16. Then there were eight other Pokémon that evolved from Pokémon already obtained in Moon. Type:Null evolved into Silvally with high friendship. Wailmer evolved into Wailord at level 40. Poliwhirl evolved into Poliwrath with a Water Stone. Vullaby evolved into Manibuzz at level 54. Cleffa evolved into Clefairy with high friendship. Clefairy then evolved into Clefable with a Moon Stone. Igglybuff evolved into Jigglypuff with high friendship. Jigglypuff then evolved into Wigglytuff with a Moon Stone. These are all the new Pokémon obtained in Moon within the game. The rest of the Pokémon are from other games that were obtained and some were transferred into Moon.

                In Alpha Sapphire, I caught three Pokémon Cottonee, Braviary, and Mesprit. Cottonee and Braviary are both version exclusive to Pokemon Sun so I need to either trade for them or transfer them from another game. While Mesprit is a Legendary Pokémon that is needed if I want to fill out the National PokeDex. Cottonee went to Moon with PokeBank and was then evolved into Whimiscott with a Sun Stone. Braviary and Mespirt both went into Pokémon X. Braviary was sent to Day Care with Ditto in X to produce an egg. This egg hatched Rufflet, another Sun exclusive, which then went into PokeBank to be transferred to Moon. Mesprit stayed in X so it can be sent back to Alpha Sapphire if needed. This would not be the only Pokémon being transferred to Moon from another game.

                After breeding an egg in Pokémon X, I also dug up some fossil Pokémon. I dug up a Skull and Cover fossil to obtain Cranidos and Tirtouga. These fossil Pokémon are version exclusive to Pokémon Sun, so I needed to transfer them into Moon from another game to avoid trading from them. Once sent to Moon, Cranidos evolved into Rampardos at level 30 and Tirtouga evolved into Carracosta at level 37. Those last two Pokémon bring my Moon total up to 206.

                Right now, I only need 95 Pokémon to complete the Pokémon Moon PokeDex. As I get closer to the accomplishment I start to look at the National PokeDex in PokeBank. At this posting I have 582 Pokémon over three games out of 801. This brings the total number of Pokémon to catching all 801 at 219. A goal that I will turn towards once I have Moon’s PokeDex completed. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.