Thirty-two Pokémon were obtained this week in Pokémon Moon. This week I used Poke Pelago, trading, evolving, hatching eggs, and catching Pokémon in the wild to get to this number. First I went to Poke Pelago and obtained a Scyther there. Then I began to breed eggs. I hatched an egg that was produced by Metagross and Ditto to obtain Beldum. Next I hatched more eggs that contain Pokémon such as Litten and Oranguru. Oranguru would one of the Pokémon used to trade for other Pokémon.

                Using some eggs that I have hatched, and Pokémon that I had in the Pokémon PC I made six trades. These trades allowed me to obtain all but one of Pokémon that are exclusive to Pokémon Sun and the other two starter Pokémon. I started off with trading an Alola Shandshrew for an Alola Vulpix. Next I started to look and see if I could get the remaining two Ultra Beasts that are not in Pokémon Moon. In both Pokémon Moon and Sun the game has you catch multiples of version exclusive Ultra Beasts, so I figured I had a good chance of obtaining the two I do not have. First I traded Celesteela for Buzzwole. Buzzwole is the cover Pokémon for this post because it looks like an enforcer at a bug night club. Then I traded Pheromosa for Kartana. After that I traded Lilligant for Passimian. Which followed my finale trade for a version exclusive Pokemon by trading Drampa for Turtonator. The other two starter Pokémon that I needed to obtain in Moon were Rowlet and Popplio. To obtain Rowlet I traded Probopass. While I traded Oranguru for Popplio. With trading, mostly out of the way, I can now focus on the Pokémon that I can catch and evolve on my own game.

                This past week I caught seven Pokémon. The first four Pokémon I caught were Misdreavus, Bonsly, Pichu, and Corsola. The other three of the four Pokémon were caught through SOS encounters. SOS encounters are when a wild Pokémon calls on another wild Pokémon for help in battle. The Pokémon called could be the same one, an evolved form, or an entirely different Pokémon. To catch a wild Pokémon during a SOS encounter one of the wild Pokémon must feint. I caught Happiny during a SOS encounter with a Pichu. Then Mareanie was caught during a SOS encounter with a Corsola. Finally, I had to battle a Carbink long enough for it to call up a Sableye before I could catch Sableye. Some of these Pokémon would then evolve into new Pokémon.

                Sixteen Pokémon evolved over the past week. I will first start with the Pokémon that I traded for. Vulpix, in its Alola form, evolved into Ninetales with an Ice Stone. Rowlet evolved into Dartrix at level 17. Then Dartrix would evolve into Decidueye at level 34. Popplio evolved into Brionne at level 17. Then Brionne evolved into Pimarina at level 34. Next I will move on to the Pokémon that I caught this week. Misdreavus evolved into Mismagius with a Dusk Stone. Bonsly evolved into Sudowoodo after it learned the move Mimic. Pichu evolved into Pikachu with high friendship. Then Pikachu evolved into Raichu with a Thunder Stone. Happiny evolved into Chansey while holding an Oval Stone in the day time. Chansey then evolved into Blissey with high friendship. Mareanie evolved into Toxapex at level 38. Finally, I will end with the Pokémon that have been obtained in previous weeks that evolved this week. Bagon evolved into Shelgon at level 30. Then Shelgon evolved into Salamence at level 50. Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro at level 37. Rufflet evolved into Braviary at level 54. This has now led me to having 238 Pokemon obtained in my PokeDex in Pokemon Moon.

                As I go forward I only need one more Pokémon that is exclusive to Pokémon Sun, which is Solgaleo. Solgaleo happens to be the cover Pokémon for Pokémon Sun. While I continue to catch and evolve more Pokémon; I will go back and reobtain Lilligan and Probopass. Also, I am now at 600 total Pokémon over 3 games according to Pokémon Bank’s National PokeDex. Meaning that I only need 201 Pokémon to have every Pokémon. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.