After obtaining 23 Pokémon this week, I only have 40 more to go in Pokémon Moon. I used three methods to obtain Pokémon during this past week. They were catching the wild, transferring from Pokémon X, and evolution. Through fishing I caught some Pokémon that are hard to obtain.

                Out of the 8 Pokémon I caught this past week, 5 of them were caught through fishing. The three Pokémon that were not caught by fishing were Wimpod, Trubbish, and Sandygast. While the Pokemon that were caught by fishing were Feebas, Bruxish, Relicanth, Dhelmise, and Alomomola. These Pokémon were the last 5 that needed to get through fishing. It so also be the case that these 5 Pokémon are some of the hardest to fish for in Moon. They all have very low appearance rates, and need to be fished from bubbling spots if you want to have a remote chance of seeing one of these Pokémon. Bubbling spots disappear after an item or Pokémon is fished out of the spot. The only way to reset the spot is to leave the area and to come back. I like to think that bubbling is from water Pokémon, that normally living in deep dark parts of the water, coming up for sun light. For this week’s cover Pokémon, I choose Dhelmise because it looks like a mix of parts of an old forgotten sunken sea ship. None of the Pokémon that were fished out evolved, unlike the Pokémon that were brought over from Pokémon X.

                Just like the past few weeks, I have used the Pokémon Bank to transfer Pokémon from another game into Moon. This week I transferred 7 Pokémon from Pokémon X. They were Porygon, Goomy, Dratini, Gible, Vanillite, Snubbull, and Carvanha. All 7 were hatched in X from eggs bread by Ditto and either a higher evolution or same version of that Pokémon. Porygon came from Porygon. Goomy came from Goodra. Dratini came from Dragonite. Gible came from Garchomp. Vanillite came from Vanilluxe. Snubbull came from Granbull. Carvanha came from Sharpedo. All but Porygon and Goomy would evolve this week.

                The remaining 8 Pokémon that were obtained this week were obtain through evolution. Wimpod evolved at level 30 to become Golisopod. Sandygast evolved into Palossand at level 42. Trubbish evolved into Garbodor at level 36. Gible evolved into Gabite at level 24. Vanillite evolved into Vanillish at level 35. Snubbul evolved into Granbull at level 23. Carvanha evolved into Sharpedo at level 30. Dratini evolved into Dragonair at level 30. With 40 more Pokémon left to go in Moon, there is now a clear path to follow.

                Now I am going to quickly break down the remaining 40 Pokémon left in Moon left to be obtained. There are only 7 Pokémon that I need to catch in the wild. 2 Pokémon that need to be transferred from other games. 16 Pokémon still need to evolve without the need of trading them. 12 Pokémon will evolve once they are traded. Finally, one Pokémon, Solgaleo, needs to be traded for because it is not in Moon. Completing the PokeDex in Moon is within my grasp. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.