26 Pokémon were obtained this past week. With these 26 Pokémon, I now have all Pokémon that can be caught, transferred, and evolved without trading in Pokémon Moon’s PokeDex. I transferred two Pokémon from Alpha Sapphire to X to breed eggs to be hatched in Moon. Those Pokémon were Castform and Shellos. Next I am going to jump into the Pokémon I caught this week.

                7 Pokémon were caught this week. 3 of these Pokémon are legendary Pokémon. They are Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, and Cosmog. Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini are the final two guardian Pokémon in Pokémon Moon. Cosmog was caught by having Lunala in my party and some cross dimensional travel. During the day, I traveled to the Alter of the Moone. Then, with Lunala in the party, I crossed through the rift. After that, I went to the Lake of the Moone. There I received Cosmog and went back through the rift at the Alter of the Sunne. The other three Pokémon that I caught were Torkoal, Riolu, Emolga, and Togedemaru. Togedemaru is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is a new Pokémon introduced in Moon and it looks like a fat Pikachu. 2 of these Pokémon that were caught evolved this week.

                17 Pokémon evolved this past week. Shellos evolved into Gastrodon at level 30. Cosmog evolved into Cosmoem at level 43. Riolu evolved into Lucario with high friendship during the day. Vanillish evolved into Vanilluxe at level 47. Goomy evolved into Sliggo at level 40. Sliggo evolved into Goodra at level 50 while it was raining on Route 17. Dragonair evolved into Dragonite at level 55. Gabite evolved into Garchomp at level 48. I completed all the possible evolutions of Eevee with 8 Eevees. Eevee with a Water Stone evolved into Vaporeon. Eevee with a Thunder Stone evolved into Jolteon. Eevee evolved into Flareon with a Fire Stone. Eevee evolved into Leafon while near a Moss Rock. Eevee evolved into Glaceon while near an Ice Rock. Eevee evolved into Umbreon with high friendship at night. Eevee evolved into Espeon with high friendship during the day. Finally, Eevee evolved into Sylveon while knowing a Fairy move with 2 hearts of affection from Pokémon Refresh. Sneasel evolved into Weaville with a Razor Claw. I had to obtain a Razor Claw with Butterfree stealing one from Jangmo-o.

                I now have 287 Pokémon in Pokémon Moon and I now have 14 left to obtain. The remaining Pokémon that I need are from evolution that involves trading and a trade. The one trade I need is Solgaleo. While there are 13 Pokémon that need to be evolved through trading; 4 of them are evolved through regular trades. The other trades need the Pokémon to hold an item. My final three obstacles for completing the Pokémon Moon PokeDex is to obtain all of the evolution items, trade for Solgaleo, and to find a trade partner to swap my Pokémon back and forth. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.