This week I obtained 12 Pokémon. Most of these Pokémon were caught in Alpha Sapphire. Those that were from Alpha Sapphire were mostly Legendary Pokémon. There was also one Pokémon trade, an evolution, and a Pokémon received as a gift. I will start with the 9 Legendary Pokémon that were caught in Alpha Sapphire.

                Most the Legendary Pokémon I caught this week in Alpha Sapphire came from portals in the game. These portals connect Legendary Pokémon from other games into Alpha Sapphire. First I capture Lugia after its portal was opened in Sea Mauville when I obtained the Tidal Bell. With Lugia in my party I was able to activate a mirage spot to the Trackless Forest. In the Trackless Forest a portal opens and depending on the minutes in the hour. From the minutes of 00 to 20 Raikou appears, at 20 to 40 minutes Entei appears, and from 40 to 00 minutes Suicune appears. I was able to catch Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Then I added Castform in my party. This caused a thunder cloud over Fortree City which allowed me to catch Thundurus. After that I added a level 100 Mew to my party. This allowed the mirage spot to the Fabled Cave. At this portal, I was able to capture Zekrom. After capturing these Legendary Pokémon I went to go beat the Elite 4.

                After beating the Elite 4 I unlocked the Delta Emerald Episode. It involves stopping a meteor that is going to destroy the planet. To destroy the meteor, Rayquaza must be captured. After capturing Rayquaza, Deoxys appears. I used a Master Ball to safely capture Deoxys. Besides Legendary Pokémon I obtained Chikorita from Professor Birch after beating the Elite 4.

                After spending time in Alpha Sapphire, I moved back to Pokémon Moon. In Moon I was able to obtain a Moon Stone in Poke Pelago. This item caused Skitty to evolve into Delcatty. Then I decided to trade my Lunala for Solgaleo. I made this decision because I can evolve my Cosmoem into a Lunala at level 53 whenever I want in Moon. With Solgaleo I now have every Generation 7 Pokémon. This is why it is the cover Pokémon of this post over all of the other Legendries I obtained this past week.

                Now I only need one more Legendary Pokémon to get through trading that I cannot get within a game I currently own. That would be Palkia, and while I am working on a plan to trade for it I have other things I need to focus on. One thing is I need to beat the Elite 4 in both Pokémon Diamond and Black. Completing both these tasks would allow me to move Pokémon around from different games. Another focus is evolving Pokémon through trading. For right now my total is at 631 out of 801, with 170 Pokémon left to be obtained. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.