After this week, I am now at 751 Pokémon. Just like the past few weeks I have split my progress into Alpha Sapphire and X. I only obtained 9 Pokémon this week. The low total came from repeating Mirage Spots in Alpha Sapphire and producing eggs in X.

Alpha Sapphire

                In Alpha Sapphire, I caught 2 Pokémon this week. They were Girafarig and Cofagrius. I now only have 3 more Mirage Spot Pokémon to catch in Alpha Sapphire. Besides going to Mirage Spots, I have been collecting flags for my Super Secrets Base. By collecting flags, I can unlock the ability to have npc characters do certain activities once a day. I am working towards have one of the npcs search for evolution stones. I need about 60 more flags to unlock this ability. Luckily, I was able to produce an egg with Cofagrius.


                In X I produced 4 eggs with Ditto and had 3 Pokémon evolve. Yamask came from an egg from Cofagrius. Pineco came from an egg from Foretress. Kricketot came from an egg from Kricketure. Shinx came from an egg from Luxio. After Luxio produced an egg it evolved into Luxray after reaching level 30. Palpitoad evolved into Seismitoad at level 36. Finally, Buneary evolved into Lopunny after having a lot of happiness. Lopunny is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is the last Pokemon that need high friendship to evolve.

                I am now down to 50 Pokémon left to obtain. To break down the last 50 I still need 8 from Gen 2, 8 from Gen 3, 14 from Gen 4, 19 from Gen 5, and 1 from Gen 6. It should not be much longer until I accomplish my goal of 801. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.