This week’s post will be a shorter one unfortunately. I only obtained 4 Pokémon across Alpha Sapphire and X. There are two reasons for the lack of Pokémon obtained this week. The first reason is I am slowly moving through Black and I am nowhere close to beating the game. Secondly the Mirage Spots in Alpha Sapphire rotate daily, and for the past few days they have rotated to spots where I have already obtained all of the Pokémon at that location. Even with those hindrances I still did obtained 4 Pokémon.

                I caught only one Pokémon this week and that was Excadrill. Excadrill appeared in the only new Mirage Spot for this week. Then Exadrill went over to X to produce an egg with Ditto. The Pokémon that came out of that egg was Drillbur. Next, I went back to Alpha Sapphire to beat the Elite 4 for a second time. After completing that task, I obtained Trutwig. Trutwig was then sent to X. In X Turtwig evolved into Grotle at level 18. Grotle is the cover Pokémon for this post because I like the look of the Pokémon. I think it may be my favorite look Grass-type Pokémon.

                After this week, I am now at 755 Pokémon obtained. Hopefully next week I will have better luck with the Mirage Spots. Also, I am going to be putting in more time into Black. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.