This week I was only able to obtain 3 new Pokémon to push my total up to 778 Pokémon. All three Pokémon were evolved on my copy of Pokémon X. The main reason I only obtained 3 Pokémon this week is because all of them evolved at high levels.

                The first evolution was Pignite into Emboar at level 36. Then Prinplup evolved into Empoleon at level 36. Finally, after leveling up to level 59, Larvesta evolved into Volcarona. Volcarona is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is the last Pokémon that I need to level up into the 50s to evolve. Also, it looks like it might be have been inspired by Mothra, which is a monster and movie that I appreciate.

                Now that I have those 3 Pokémon out of the way I am now down to 23 Pokémon. I almost out of Pokémon in Alpha Sapphire to catch until I make some progress in Black, Diamond, and Soul Silver. Hopefully I will be able to report some progress about that in next week’s post. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.