Sorry for the delayed post. I was trying to finish off the Mirage Pokémon in Alpha Sapphire, but I am still one short. Hopefully I will be able to capture it by my next post this Friday. But back to last week. I obtained 4 Pokémon, two by catching in the wild and two by evolution. I will try to keep this post short so I can have a better and longer post for this Friday.

                The two Pokémon I caught last week were Maractus and Larvesta. Both of these Pokémon were caught in Alpha Sapphire and they were both found at Mirage Spots. Then Croconaw evolved into Feraligator at level 30 in my copy of Pokémon X. Finally, I obtained the cover Pokémon for this week by evolving Minccino into Cinccino with a Shiny Stone. The main reason I picked Cinccino is Shiny Stones are hard to find in Pokémon games. It is also the last Pokémon that I had left to evolve by using a stone. I found this Shiny Stone through the Super Secret Base in Alpha Sapphire.

                I now have obtained 775 Pokémon through Pokémon X, Alpha Sapphire, and Moon. With 26 Pokémon left to go I need to concentrate on capturing, evolving, leveling up, and transferring the remaining few that I still need. Hopefully I can get to 801 by the end of this summer, if not by the time Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.