This week I only caught one Pokémon. But that Pokémon was Regigigas in Alpha Sapphire and it has the most complicated method for catching a Pokémon in the entire game. Which I will get to soon, but first I want to apologize again for the late post. I have been putting time into Pokémon Black to make sure that next week’s post has a lot more content than this week’s post. Even though the way I caught Regigigas is complicated.

                In order to catch Regigigas you need have Regice, Regirock, and Registeel in your party. Regice also need to hold a frozen item such as Nevermeltice and have a nickname. I named my Regice Yeti. Next you need to talk to a girl in Pacifidlog Town to learn the tale of Regigigas. Then you need to go to Island Cave during the day. Once in Island Cave you must move fly in the middle of the cave and Regigigas will appear. Now I had a problem these steps I think it may have been caused by using the Regirock and Registeel from the Pokémon Bank promotion a few months ago. I had already reobtained Regice because you cannot rename Pokémon given to you.  So, I went out in Alpha Sapphire and reobtained Regirock and Registeel. Then I repeated the process and then I was able to battle and catch Regigigas.

I will end the post on some small updates. First, I had a problem posting post 56 which is why it came out after post 57. Also, I am currently on the sixth gym in Pokémon Black. The goal is to beat the Elite 4 in that game as fast as possible to import Pokémon from Soul Silver and Diamond. That way I can import those Pokémon along with the ones from Black that I still need into Pokémon Bank. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.