This week I obtained 4 Pokémon. Two of these Pokémon came from transfers from Soul Silver to Black to X. The other two come from evolutions from one of the Pokémon I transferred. I will start with the Pokémon that I transferred from Soul Silver.

                The two Pokémon that I transferred from Soul Silver were Cyndaquil and Latios. Cyndaquil came from breeding my Soul Silver Typhlosion with a Ditto to produce an egg that hatched Cyndaquil. I decided to do this so I could keep my Typhlosion. I needed my Typhlosion when I beat the Elite 4 in Soul Silver this week and I will need it to battle Red at Mt. Silver. The other Pokémon that I transferred was Latios. Latios is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is a roaming Legendary in Soul Silver. Capturing Latios was a journey that dragged out over multiple weeks because I used my Master Ball in Soul Silver on Lugia. Now I have both Latios and Latias.

                The process of transferring Latios and Cyndaquil from Soul Silver to X required me to transfer the Pokémon to Black first. To get them to Black I had to use two DSs, in my case a used a 3DS and a regular DS, and on DS had to have Soul Silver and the other had to have Black. Then I played a mini game in Soul Silver where I caught the Pokémon in PokeBalls with a crossbow. I had to send over 6 Pokémon, so I sent Koffing, Nidoran (Male), Nidroan (Female), and Weedle over along with Latios and Cyndaquil. After those Pokémon were in Black I moved Latios and Cyndaqil into Box One and switched over to the PokeTransfer App on the 3DS. Then they moved from Black to the Pokémon Bank and then after that they went to X. In X Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava at level 14. Quilava evolved into Typhlosion at level 36. With that I had four more Pokémon obtained.

                Also, I recorded my battle of the Elite 4 in Soul Silver and my transfer of Pokémon from Black to X. Once I edit the videos I will put it on YouTube along with extra versions with my commentary explaining what I was thinking while recording. I am now at 790, which means I am only have 11 left to go. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.