Football on Thursday night use to be an event that occurred during the start of the NFL season and on Thanksgiving. But for the past few years the NFL has decided to make Thursday Night Football (TNF) less special buy having it occur every week during the regular season. Most of these games are unconmpetive, and meaningless. So, I am going to have some fun with TNF by simulating the games on Tecmo Super Bowl 18.

                Tecmo Super Bowl 18 is a fan created project by that imports current player’s stats into the guts of the original Tecmo Super Bowl. My TNF (Tecmo Night Football) will have the computer simulate every NFL Thursday Night Football game this season.  Included with the computer gameplay will be my commentary. My goal is to have these videos be shorter than an NFL Thursday Night Football game and posted on YouTube before the game is over. Who knows, the simulations might even come out with the same results of the actual game being played.