I am posting this update because I have not had an update in over a month about my current PokeQuest status. Currently, I am still grinding in Pokémon Diamond so I can defeat the Elite 4 in that game. Due to many factors I have yet to achieve that goal, but I am still working towards completing the game and obtain every Pokémon. I will lightly go into why I am not at the point that I need to be at in my PokeQuest.

                Right now, I have been creating different content for the website that PokeQuest is being published on. Most of the content are videos which require time to plan, record, and edit them. This time was usually reserved for Pokémon, but now I am going to find a way to fit time for Pokémon back into my schedule. Unfortuanly, that has taken time away from leveling up my Pokémon in Diamond thus not allowing me from beating the Elite 4. Each Pokémon, but Infernape, is not at a high enough level to battle with most Pokémon in the Elite 4. So, right now I need level them up but that takes time due to Diamond only have the option to use Exp. Share on one Pokémon and not the entire party. However, I did obtain one new variant of a Pokémon and I have my goal set on picking up the pace.

                Currently going on, there is a giveaway for Pikachu wearing different trainer hats from the anime. I picked up the Pikachu with the original hat from first few seasons of show. That is why I have chosen the ensemble of Pikachu to be the cover of this post, with the Pikachu being in the middle of the top row. Also, I am planning on picking the newest Mythical Pokémon Marshadow when its giveaway starts next week. As well as looking into picking up Pokémon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, or both. So, although I have not made any progress in a month, the future is starting to look brighter. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.